NRC becomes a nightmare for Bengali Hindus

Janajagaran    27-Sep-2019

NRC becomes a nightmare for Bengali Hindus

Kolkata : Since final list of citizens published in Assam on 31st August this year, National Register of Citizens has become a dreaded nightmare for Bengali Hindus in Assam, West Bengal, Tripura and other states where good number of Bengalees migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan and present day Bangladesh on different occasions.

Updated NRC in Assam excluded 1.1 million names of Hindu Bengalees leaving them in tremendously distressed condition.

Total applicants there requesting updation was 3.30 crore, out of which 3.11 crore names were updated. Applicants excluded from NRC were 19.06 Lakhs.

24th March 1971 had been fixed as Cut-off date for NRC updation.

Those not included in the Register can appeal to the Foreigners Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court gradually.

The plight and sufferings of Bengali Hindus in Assam caused serious concerns for the people of the same community in Tripura, West Bengal and other states. They fear same consequences in their own life now if NRC is ordered in other states also.