About Us

Janajagaran    24-Sep-2019
Janajagaran is a News, Views, Entertainment & Public Information app. It’s an ambitious new-age initiative by a conglomerate of journalists, social activists, educationists, artists, business professionals and young entrepreneurs to bring people of all sections together with a view to empower them by providing all useful information required in the running of life.
Janajagaran also aims at exploring new talents in different fields of life by introducing healthy habits of participation in competitions through a very attractive and impressive section “Online Competitions”. This section will provide opportunity to every individual irrespective of age, cast, creed, region, religion or qualification to prove his or her knowledge or expertise and get acknowledged.
This initiative will also provide a platform to innumerable subscribers/visitors to convey their creative ideas meant for further acceleration of the progress of human civilization and prosperity of every individual.
Janajagaran, therefore, invites everyone of this world to subscribe this extraordinary, progressive and modern enterprise and join hands.